When Casinos Will Re-Open? Covid-19 Casino Closures Explained.

Casinos throughout the world have been forced to close their doors due to the Covid-19 virus. Casinos in our local region remained open for as long as they were allowed.

But when will they reopen? This is anybody’s guess, but the overall data suggests within 3 to 6 months. It could be much longer though.

Land-based Casinos Close While Online Casinos Boom

With the global social distancing rules, most people are forced to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. So it’s no surprise that video streaming giant Netflix was forced to restrict viewers to standard definition videos. This is because of their fear that the sudden rise of usage could bog down the Internet. The restrictions are only taken place in particular regions.

Similarly, while land-based casinos have closed down, Internet-based casinos have seen a remarkable increase in usage.

Warning About Online Gambling

If you’re bored at home and in quarantine, the last thing you want to do is gamble your money away. It appears we are on the verge of a global financial recession. Believe me, you don’t want to be gambling at this time.

If you find you can’t stop yourself gambling online, I suggest find professional help. Although ironically the only help you may find is online support groups, or assistance via the phone. This is because of social distancing rules.

If You’re a Professional Player

You may be in a unique situation where you rely on casinos for an income. Not referring specifically to casino owners, who no doubt have ample funds in reserve. I’m referring to professional advantage players, who exploit various casino games for an advantage.

Firstly, keep in mind casinos are big business. They are extremely profitable to run, and will likely always exist. Some of the smaller casinos may go bankrupt, but may be rapidly replaced by other casinos.

Relying on online casinos may not be the answer. You would probably be aware that many online casinos routinely refuse payouts, specifically when they suspect advantage player is involved. As with any advantage player technique, the main limit to your income is what you can win without being detected.

The majority of casinos are owned by people who don’t even spend time in the casino. They may visit it perhaps once a year, and spend the rest of their time abroad. As they call the shots, they would likely keep the casino open for as long as legally possible. And without regard for public safety. You may get the sense that we are not fans of the gaming industry, and in particular gaming establishments such as casinos. We have seen them ruin lives, and exploit desperate people such as problem gamblers. Casinos generally have never had the best interests of the people in mind. Things are not going to change now, due to the virus or anything.

So you can be sure that as soon as casinos are permitted, they will reopen promptly. The question is then will you risk becoming sick?

Is Covid-19 Worse Than An Ordinary Flu?

Casinos are crammed with people, often shoulder to shoulder. Especially with games like a crowded roulette table. Although if you are a roulette player, you would normally aim to play when the table was quiet. This maximizes your spins per hour, and your overall profit potential. But still you are in close proximity to many people.

Because of your close proximity to others, you can very easily catch diseases such as the flu. And with coronavirus being extremely contagious, you are bound to catch it if you are around others who are ill. So you may be questioning is coronavirus any worse than the ordinary flu.

At this stage, there is conflicting information. The consensus so far is that it is significantly worse, with respect to the mortality rate. Initial data suggests about 10 times more deadly. At this stage, this is far more likely if you are elderly, obese, a smoker, or have any other condition that affects your immune system. Coronavirus specifically attacks your lungs, which is why smokers are particularly at risk.

For now, it’s too early to know for sure how much worse coronavirus is. But I think it’s safe to say it is significantly worse, and you should avoid crowded casinos at least until we know more about the disease.

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