What’s The Difference Between Bitcoin and a Regular Casino?

Gambling is one of the most popular industries in the world. It has been popular throughout the years, this has changed the states quite a few times. The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries, with millions if not milliards of users. The popularity of the industry is determined by the constant changes and news, as well as updates in the field.

With the development of modern technologies and the introduction to the technology era, gambling has once again changed the interface and has transferred to a completely different level. The changes are inevitable and as far as it seems they only do good to the industry. This is why the amount of loyal players is increasing time by time, which also motivates the operators to do more and more.

The traditional brick and mortar casinos have now changed and transferred to online casinos. While those two coexist and even cohabitate, there are still some major differences between those two, and different people have different preferences in regards to those two mentioned.

Though, not only there is a choice to be made between the traditional and online casino, but also between the online casino and the Bitcoin casino. With the tech progress and development, the operation of the online casino has advanced, and while there is obviously a difference between those two types of online gambling platforms, both of them are very popular among societies.

There are a lot of online gambling sites that will give you a chance to entertain yourself and win. However, most online gamblers are not aware of Bitcoin casinos and how they operate. And this makes them miss out on all the advantages that they have to offer.

Cryptocurrency has brought several changes to the gambling industry. There are a few differences that make bitcoin casinos more preferable to online casinos. Both of them have some advantages as well as disadvantages, as we will try to uncover some of the most important ones, in order to ease your choice, once you face it.

Payment methods

Payment methods, or the currency. This is the biggest difference between the regular and the Bitcoin casino. Many people have switched to digital currencies throughout the past time, which also determined the increased amount of players for the Bitcoin casinos.

The Bitcoin casinos use BTC as the primary and the only payment option on their platforms. Regular casinos use regular currency to measure and exchange value. They include US Dollar, British Pound, and Euros to name a few. On the other hand, bitcoin casinos use cryptocurrencies to measure and exchange value.

Security and anonymity

Security and safety are or perhaps should be one of the first things that come to mind while gambling online. By comparing traditional casinos and bitcoin casinos, both greatly differ when it comes to security. This happens on different levels. First, cryptocurrency wallets are more secure than debit cards, bank accounts, and credit cards. It is difficult for hackers to have their way with bitcoin casinos.

It’s easier for them to hack traditional casinos than bitcoin casinos. According to Bitcoin Casinos Reviews and some other portals, traditional casinos have security encryptions that make it harder for hackers to access the personal and financial information of the players. Bitcoin casinos have high encryption and all transactions take place using blockchain.

Another very important aspect that can not be ignored is the anonymity, offered by the Bitcoin casino. While it can not offer 100% anonymity, it can definitely maintain your bank account safe and sound, without causing any backlashes and problems to your bank account. Unlike traditional casinos, bitcoin casinos don’t require the disclosure of personal details. This enhances the security of the player’s identity while keeping them from malicious people.

One more thing which assists the already mentioned advantages of the Bitcoin casino is the decentralized currency itself. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means that no third-party involvement or any control is possible through the platform. This enables some of the offshore operators to operate in the markets and players playing with the international operators, regardless of the local laws.

From one side it is not right, from the jurisdictional perspective, though from another side, with cryptos you have complete control over your account and money. Unlike traditional casinos and fiat money, the decentralized platforms are not obliged to pay any fees to the local governments and institutions.

Game fairness

One more big difference is the fairness of the game between bitcoin casinos and traditional casinos. Bitcoin casinos offer fairer games compared to the traditional ones. This is due to the algorithms, used by the Bitcoin casinos, that have lower house edges and thus can guarantee bigger wins to the players.

The minus though is that the Bitcoin casinos can not offer as big a variety of games as the traditional casinos. The bitcoin casinos need specifically designed games that support the Bitcoin platform and are based on the blockchain algorithm. Thus, you might have fair play, though fewer games to play.


It seems like we have already named plenty of benefits, though this one is also worth mentioning. The competition in the online gambling market is huge, this is why many traditional casinos use certain methods to attract more customers. Most of them include the flashy images and the high winning promises. Rarely any of those come true. Most often, the traditional casino hides some of the crucial information from the players. And this claims a huge portion of their winnings.

Many online casinos take advantage of the players who are unaware of the proper terms and conditions. When it comes to Bitcoin, it is quite difficult to conceal information, because of the transparency, which is already ingrained in the blockchain mechanics. The platforms that they use are direct. And this makes it possible for players to notice any changes.

Bottom line

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Though all in all, we all come to preferences at the end of the day. the users of Bitcoin will most likely choose their native Bitcoin casino, just as a matter of fact. They are used to eh Bitcoin platform, and Bitcoin transactions. Understanding all benefits of blockchain technology, some might find it very safe and sound.

On the other side, fiat currency users and the ones who use debit or credit cards for the gambling methods most probably shall go with the traditional casino, without any additional effort. Both casinos have all types of games available online, though Bitcoin casinos have fewer options while having more security.

One way or another, it is up to you to choose.

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