Advantage Play in Casinos: What is it?

Advantage play is the term given to legal betting systems that actually work, as opposed to illegal cheating methods. An advantage play is basically a professional player that beats the house.

A knowledgeable or skillful advanced player can achieve an edge in a variety of casino games including blackjack, and even roulette. Probably the best-known advantage play method is blackjack card counting.

Sports, horse and dog race betting

Arbitrage bets involve the placement of bets with different bookmakers. This can be applied by exploiting typical bonuses or free bets, which are sometimes offered by casinos or online betting websites, to attract new players. For example, an online betting site may offer a $100 free bet that under the condition that the player deposits an additional $100, which must be wagered on another game. This effectively reduces the house edge, or increases the payout to the player. The bookmaker or casino does not specifically lose though.

Another form involves betting on the middle of sports events. This is possible by fixed odds offered by bookmakers. One bookmaker may offer particularly high odds for one team in a sports match, but lower odds for the other team. Where is a completely different bookmaker may offer the complete reverse. Then a player could simply place bets on opposing teams, with opposing bookmakers, so that they receive higher payouts no matter who wins. This can be applied with bookmakers that vary the odds, but it is typically applied only with fixed odds sports betting.

Special offers and gambling bonuses

An online casino may offer a free $100 bet on the roulette table, but with the condition that the player deposits $1000, and wages this amount before any withdrawals are possible. This is another way the casino offers a reduced house edge, although only temporarily. This is permissible because the casino is considering the lifetime value of the player. It is essentially not much different from the casino paying for advertising. Such offers can generate a statistically guarantee profit for a player, if they were able to create multiple accounts. But casinos require official forms of identification before withdrawals can be made. And any attempt to circumvent these requirements can be construed as fraud.

Poker advantage play

Poker involves playing other players, not the house. The casino usually takes a small fee for players to participate in each game. Whether or not the player earns enough to cover the joining fee, known as the rake, depends on how skillful the player is in the size of their bets.

Professional players do best by first scouting tables which are attended by relatively unskilled players. After all, they are likely to achieve poor results if they play against more experienced opposition.

A relatively small amount of poker is actually about cards. Of course it is important to understand the value of cards, the rules of the game, and when a decision is either good or bad. But ultimately you are playing other players, so professional players need to learn the mannerisms and behaviour of their opponents. This may be nervous tics, facial expressions, sweating and anything else they can reveal nervousness of other players. And at the same time, professional players must learn to be aware of their mannerisms, and how to manipulate other players.

For example, a professional player may deliberately show visible tics to pretend they are nervous. And they may lose deliberately on smaller bets. This is so that on a larger bet, they can mislead other players and win.

There are many types of behavior that a professional poker player must observe, in order for them to successfully manipulate their opponents and win.

Dice Setting

Dice setting is the ability for a professional player to throw a dice in a particular way, to produce a particular outcome. The most common game in which this skill is applied is craps.

Many experts debate the existence or legitimacy of dice setting, although we have seen ample evidence to indicate dice setting is indeed real. Although there are certainly many scammers and hucksters on the Internet which sell courses, and techniques that don’t actually work.

Casino comps

Many casinos offer benefits to players that continue to play. The value of these benefits can often far exceed the amount the player is actually losing in the casino. From this perspective, it is quite easily possible to overcome the house edge at any game. For example, you may receive thousands of dollars worth of free accommodation, if you have wagered a certain amount of money. And there are some particular bets in casino games that carry a very low house edge. So effectively a player can make bets for several hours, lose almost nothing, and still receive thousands of dollars in benefits.

Roulette bias analysis

Roulette wheels are widely considered to be mechanically perfect. But in reality, they are incredibly flawed and tend to develop imperfections over time. Even the slightest imperfection can cause particular numbers to spin more than others. The ultimate effect is known as a roulette wheel bias.

In most cases, accurate roulette wheel bias analysis requires the analysis of thousands of spins. Once a player notices a statistical anomaly, they simply need to bet on the most frequently spun numbers. However, modern roulette wheel bias is considerably more complicated because casinos nowadays use automated roulette wheel bias detection software, which analyses spins from the wheel, and notifies the casino of bias. Modern roulette wheel bias techniques involve visual confirmation of bias, which will detect bias before the casino has enough data to assess their wheels. This way, the player can exploit the bias before the casino was even aware of it.

Roulette computers and visual ballistics

Roulette computers are at the best winning roulette systems page. They are electronic devices that measure the speed of the wheel rotor and ball, which predicts where the ball will land. Such a device is reported to have been used in the Ritz casino in London, where a group of three players won £1.3 million. Ultimately the trio were released without any charges, because they have not broken any laws. However, although the devices may at the time have been legal in London, the are strictly illegal in Las Vegas and surrounding regions. It is believed that the roulette computer devices are legal in approximately 30 to 50% of today’s casinos. However, they are strictly forbidden in casinos, and the use is likely to result in a lifetime ban.

Visual ballistics is a more simplistic version, which uses the same physics as roulette computers. However, as you ballistics is not quite as accurate, and has many limitations. Nevertheless, it is widely accepted as a legal advantage play method.

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